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The First Domestic Commercial Liquid Hydrogen Tanker Was Successfully Completed


Recently, the first domestic commercial liquid hydrogen tanker developed by Zhangjiagang CIMC Sanctum Cryogenic Equipment Co., Ltd. ("CIMC Sanctum") under CIMC Enric was successfully completed, which marks China has realized a major breakthrough in key technology and key equipment in commercial liquid hydrogen storage and transportation, completely breaking the international monopoly.


Liquid hydrogen storage and transportation has the advantages of high purity, large capacity, low cost of long-distance transportation and high refilling efficiency. However, liquid hydrogen is a high-energy, liquid fuel at low temperature, with the normal boiling point of hydrogen of -252.78℃ and the freezing point of -259.19℃ at one atmospheric pressure, therefore, the requirements for liquid hydrogen storage and transportation are very stringent, otherwise it will vaporize and evaporate. The commercialization of liquid hydrogen is an international challenge. There is still a gap in the field of commercial liquid hydrogen storage and transportation equipment in China.

CIMC Enric is a leading supplier of clean energy equipment and a pioneer in the layout of the whole hydrogen energy industry chain in China. In recent years, CIMC Enric has accumulated extensive design and manufacturing experience in related fields, and has taken the lead in completing the compilation of the first national group standard of "Special Technical Requirements for Mobile Vacuum Insulated Liquid Hydrogen Pressure Vessels", and has passed the conformity review of the enterprise standard of "Mobile Vacuum Insulated Liquid Hydrogen Pressure Vessels" and the product design scheme of the liquid hydrogen tanker for the first time in China.

Based on the leading technical strength and industry experience in the hydrogen energy storage and transportation link for more than ten years, the technical team of CIMC Sanctum has overcome challenges such as liquid hydrogen insulation at ultra-low temperature, hydrogen storage and transportation safety, and has developed key core technologies such as multi-layer insulation and ultra-low temperature system matching. Ultimately, they have created this high-safety, low-loss liquid hydrogen storage and transportation product, filling the gap in China's commercial liquid hydrogen storage and transportation equipment. The liquid hydrogen tanker can be operated for more than 2,000 kilometers without other wear and tear..

Back in the first half of 2023, CIMC Enric's commercial liquid hydrogen storage tanks and tank containers have been successfully launched. Nowadays, we have made a breakthrough in the key area of commercial liquid hydrogen tankers. With the continuous advance of the hydrogen liquefaction process and key equipment technology in the industry, it will strongly promote the rapid growth of the global demand for liquid hydrogen, and contribute to the large-scale application of hydrogen energy.