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CIMC and POWIN set up a joint venture to deepen cooperation in energy storage business


On April 12, the signing ceremony of the joint venture agreement between CIMC and Powin was held at the CIMC headquarters building in Shekou, Shenzhen. The ceremony was attended by Geoffrey Brown, CEO of Powin, Pablo Gonzalez, CTO of Powin, Mary, General Manager of Qingdao Office of Powin, Brandy, Supply Chain Director of Qingdao Office of Powin, Huang Tianhua, Vice President of CIMC and President of Container Segment, Hu Zhiwei, General Manager of CIMC Technology and Xu Guoyao, General Manager of Qingdao CIMC.

At the ceremony, Hu Zhiwei, General Manager of CIMC Technology, Xu Guoyao, General Manager of Qingdao CIMC, and Geoffrey Brown, CEO of Powin, signed the joint venture agreement on behalf of their respective companies, and the three parties jointly funded the establishment of Qingdao CIMC Powin New Energy Technology Co. Ltd.

Powin is an American battery energy storage system integrator and manufacturer headquartered in Portland, Oregon. It has been engaged in the energy storage field for nearly 10 years, and is one of the head energy storage integrators in the United States. According to the ranking released by Navigant Research, a market research organization in the United States, Powin has been ranking among the TOP 3 global energy storage system integrators in recent years.

Under the background of global "carbon neutrality", CIMC continues to carry out technology research and product innovation in the field of energy storage integrated equipment. At present, CIMC has reached in-depth cooperation with many leading domestic and foreign enterprises in the industry, and delivered products to many representative large-scale energy storage projects in different regions of the world.

Qingdao CIMC Base and Powin have been cooperating since 2020, and both sides have established a good business relationship. In the future, CIMC and Powin hope to deepen their cooperation with their respective advantages and develop a win-win outcome in the field of energy storage business.