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China’s largest intelligent bus depot put into operation


Recently, the intelligent bus depot in Xiasha, Futian, Shenzhen, built by CIMC IOT, was officially put into operation, and 83 buses in Xiasha bus terminal said goodbye to "sleeping on the road". The project is the largest intelligent bus garage in China, and is one of the first three pilot projects of mechanical three-dimensional parking for new energy buses in Shenzhen organized by Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Transportation.

It was learned that the garage will be operated in an integrated model characterized by the innovative "intelligent parking + scheduling charging", which could effectively alleviate the two core pain points of difficult parking and charging of new energy buses, and will have a demonstration effect on the construction of intelligent infrastructure for public transportation in Shenzhen and even the whole country. This is also a model project for CIMC to build a new digital-driven infrastructure in the field of urban public transportation, which will help Shenzhen to build a "pioneer city" of a strong transportation country with high quality.

With the technologies and project experience accumulated over the past 30 years, CIMC has built and completed thousands of intelligent garage projects in China, and several projects have become industry benchmarks. At the same time, it has led and participated in the compilation of several standards and specifications related to mechanical parking equipment for new energy bus, which has played a great role in promoting the standardization and rapid development of the bus parking garage industry.