News Release


Gibraltar's First Modular Building Participated by CIMC was Officially Roofed


On 1 February 2023 local time, Gibraltar's first modular building project, a fast completed 10-storey high-end pension apartment, was officially roofed after two week’s hoisting and stacking work, which efficiently contributes to the construction of key infrastructure for local livelihood protection and promotes the implementation of Gibraltar's "National Economic Development Plan". The project was participated by CIMC Modular Building Systems Holdings Co. Ltd (“CIMC MBS”), a subsidiary of CIMC Construction Technology under CIMC Group.


As one of the projects under Gibraltar's "National Economic Development Plan", the pension apartment is a 10-storey building with an area of 8,745sqm. Consisting of 226 building modules, the apartment has 189 guest rooms, 9 reception rooms and 9 multifunctional rooms for office and storage purposes, as well as 19 rooms with stairs and elevators and is scheduled to be put into use in mid-2023, which is a tight schedule and a heavy task.

At the module delivery ceremony, Zhu Weidong, General Manager of CIMC MBS, indicated that the successful delivery of the project represents CIMC MBS's formal entry into the global high-end recreation and healthcare sector, achieving another new leap in modularity, setting a new quality benchmark in the industry, pushing the "Built by China" and CIMC brand to new heights globally, and creating continuous value for customers.

The building modules arrived in Gibraltar on 12 January 2023 local time, and the lifting process was officially launched on the morning of 19 January. After two weeks’ module stacking, the building was completed rapidly and expected to be put into use in June 2023.

We are building on our achievements and looking into the future. CIMC MBS is striving to “become a technological leader in global green modular buildings” and will lead the industry towards high-quality leapfrog development with its own international cutting-edge technology and strong R&D and manufacturing capabilities under the leadership of CIMC Group, container segment and CIMC Construction Technology, so as to contribute to the green construction of global habitats.