News Release


CIMC CAPITAL launched the introduction of strategic investors and joined Shenzhen’s state-owned financial services segment


On November 23, CIMC issued an announcement broadcasting that its wholly-owned subsidiary CIMC Capital Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “CIMC CAPITAL”) intended to introduce Shenzhen Capital Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Shenzhen Capital”), Shenzhen Energy Group Co., Ltd., and Tianjin Kairuikang Enterprise Management Consulting Partnership (Limited Partnership) as strategic investors.

According to the agreement signed by the parties on November 23, the above-mentioned strategic investors aim to acquire shares of CIMC CAPITAL through the existing shares transfer and new capitalization. This Transaction still needs to be reviewed by CIMC’s Shareholders’ Meeting and approved by industry regulatory authorities.

After the introduction of strategic investors is completed, Shenzhen Capital and its controlling subsidiaries will own a total of 53.32% of CIMC CAPITAL, whereas CIMC will hold a total of 45.43% of CIMC CAPITAL.

The relevant Head of Shenzhen Capital stated that Shenzhen Capital is the largest shareholder of CIMC. While strategically acquiring shares in CIMC CAPITAL, all parties collaborated at the shareholder level to maximize their respective advantages and leverage industrial synergies and resource advantages, which enriched CIMC CAPITAL’s net assets and cash flow and enabled CIMC CAPITAL to expand new business development and external financing in the future, accelerating its rate of growth. Since then, CIMC CAPITAL will officially become an essential member of Shenzhen’s state-owned financial services segment. In the future, CIMC CAPITAL will augment its efforts to serve the city’s high-quality development through financial leasing. Moreover, it will continue to contribute to the development of Shenzhen’s major infrastructure construction, medical education and other urban development and people’s livelihood security undertakings.

Simultaneously, the relevant CIMC Head stated that with the introduction of strategic investors, such as Shenzhen Capital, into CIMC CAPITAL, CIMC can focus and invest more resources in relevant competitive industries and innovative businesses in the logistics and energy sectors, as well as better support the transformation and industrial upgrading of the entire group, assisting CIMC in achieving stable operation and high-quality development.