News Release


CIMC Raffles Launches New Antarctic Krill Transporter Successfully



On the morning of September 17, 2020, CIMC Raffles Offshore Limited ("CIMC Raffles") successfully launched the Antarctic krill transport vessel for Norway's Aker BioMarine at Yantai CIMC Raffles Shipyard.

The DNV GL-classed Antarctic Provider has a total length of 167.6 meters, a moulded beam of 27 meters, a moulded depth of 18 meters, a design draft of 7 meters and a service speed of 15 knots (27.78 kilometers/hour). The vessel will be mainly used for krill transportation between Antarctic fishing areas and South American ports, fuel supply for fishing vessels and crew changes. The "comfort" class living area will bring the best life experience to the crew.

Specially designed to meet the unique needs of krill transportation, the vessel has four high-capacity cargo holds with a total capacity of 40,000 cubic meters. The top of each cargo hold is equipped with a movable crane, being able to handle cargo loading and unloading operations in harsh environments. Meeting Polar Code, the vessel has higher requirements on hull strength, cold-proof performance, etc. to face extremely challenging Antarctic environment. And it is equipped with a hybrid propulsion system with variable propellers and an advanced heat recovery system, which has great fuel economy and can further reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

 As the first vessel of this type, the project has faced the challenge of COVID-19 pandemic during construction, and the construction of key sections and the arrival of materials were affected accordingly. Sticking to the planned nodes, CIMC Raffles has invested high-quality technical force, management and construction teams to ensure quality and schedule. With the efforts and support of the government, ship owner, DNV GL, design company, suppliers and contractors, CIMC Raffles has successfully launched the vessel as planned, providing a strong guarantee for the delivery of the project before the krill harvest season.