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CIMC Enric, CNOOC and Sinotrans & CSC sign a triparty strategic cooperation agreement



On December 12, China Merchants Group (CMG) and China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) entered into a strategic cooperation agreement at CNOOC Mansion. CMG Chairman Li Jianhong, CMG’s Executive Vice President Wang Cuijun, CNOOC Chairman Wang Dongjin, CNOOC’s Vice President Xu Keqiang, CIMC’s Executive Vice President and CIMC Enric Chairman Gao Xiang, CIMC Enric’s General Manager Yang Xiaohu and top leaders from CNOOC Gas & Power Group and China Yangtze Shipping Group Co., Ltd. (Sinotrans & CSC) attended the agreement-signing ceremony.

At the meeting, the leaders from CMG and CNOOC discussed the cooperation on LNG (liquefied natural gas) carriers reconstruction and promotion, oil sand transportation and industrial parks and zones development at Hainan Province, and reached the agreement on the scheme for the implementation of taking the strategic cooperation to a deeper level, noting that the signing of the agreement is a brilliant move to put into practice the spirit of Central Economic Work Conference 2019 within the shortest period of time.

With the witness of top leaders from CMG and CNOOC, CIMC’s Executive Vice President and CIMC Enric Chairman Gao Xiang, CNOOC Gas & Power Group Chairman Wu Wenlai and Sinotrans & CSC Chairman Zhang Rui signed the Cooperation Agreement among CNOOC Gas & Power Group, China Yangtze Shipping Group Co., Ltd. and CIMC Enric Holdings Limited.

The three parties believed that they will be able to give full play to their respective advantages during the cooperation on natural gas applications, jointly promote the development of LNG-powered vehicles and vessels refilling business, and contribute to the successful implementation of the eco-friendly program to fuel shippers with natural gas on the Yangtze River and to turn the Yangtze River, put into practice the strategic idea that lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets, complement each other, further explore cooperation possibilities, and achieve the three-win and common progress.