News Release


CIMC-TianDa boarding bridge rated as “Niche Champion Product in Manufacturing Sector”


On December 18, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and China Federation of Industrial Economics (CFIE) jointly held the Conference on Exchanging Successful Experiences among Niche Champions in the Manufacturing Sector in Beijing. The list for the third group of niche champions in manufacturing sector was announced. CIMC-TianDa boarding bridge was rated as a niche champion. Wang Jiangping, MIIT Vice Minister; Li Yizhong, former MIIT Minister and CFIE Chairman, attended the conference and presented certificates to the winners.

To direct manufacturing enterprises to improve their professional abilities and competence, improve weak links in crucial and key areas and forge ahead along the way of specialty, uniqueness, excellence and sophistication, push the industry towards the medium-high end of the global value chain, boost the high-quality development of domestic manufacturing sector, and increase the competitiveness of domestic manufacturing enterprises on international markets, the MIIT issued the Plan for Implementing the Special Campaign to Cultivate and Improve Niche Champions in the Manufacturing Sector in 2016. 

The boarding bridge is the major product of CIMC-TianDa, and it is entitled to the prioritized support of the central government for large and integrated micro-opto-electro-mechanical equipment in manufacturing sector. so far, CIMC-TianDa has erected over 6,000 boarding bridges at more 300 airports (including 144 international airports) in about 80 countries and regions and ranked top in the world in terms of comprehensive strength. Its boarding bridge have become the excellent representative of “Made in China and improved the influence of domestic manufacturing sector in the world.