News Release


CIMC unveils the world’s first futuristic container product for long-distance transportation in extremely low temperature



A China Railway Express fully loaded with electronic products recently left Chongqing for Europe. Different from previous transportation of goods with common cargo tanks, the world’s first independent thermo-regulated containers developed and manufactured by Qingdao CIMC Special Reefer Co., Ltd. (QCSC) were used to ensure the success of this special transportation task.

The futuristic product which was successfully developed and put into mass production in 2013 has solved the problem to transport electronic products in extremely low temperature and technologically enabled regular cargo transportation by Chongqing-Xinjiang-Europe international railway.

In the past, when a China Railway Express crossed the Eurasian Land Bridge in winter, it failed to transport some specific types of goods since there would be an overstay due to repeated verifications and inspections of goods by customs, a delayed communication about the train information, a series of newly added operating formalities due to inconsistent shipping bills, and a temperature difference as high as 70°C. Therefore, sometimes this route cannot function normally and regularly. Though most of problems have been solved thanks to exploratory attempts, yet the difficulty in transporting certain types of goods in winter remains to be an issue demanding great attention. 

For example, when Chongqing-Xinjiang-Europe international railway began to offer transportation services, most goods transported via this route were from IT companies. However, the performance of IT goods such as laptops and LCD monitors will be destroyed and the transportation safety was severely endangered in winter, since IT products are sensitive to low temperature and should be stored in a temperature no lower than -20°C, but the freight rail route runs through 6 countries that have longer duration of winter days, a lowest temperatures of -40°C, and a temperature difference as high as 70°C

To solve the problem completely, QCSC began the R&D of energy storage products from 2012, and successfully mastered the independent thermo-regulated container technology in the end and quickly applied it in mass production. This is the first time for human beings to use natural environment to store energy, which makes it possible for the long-distance transportation of electronic products in extremely low temperature. 

The thermo-regulated containers quickly came under the spotlight after it was launched on markets. So far, over 800 products have been handed over to users nationwide and are well received for its high quality and exceptional performance. It is convinced that the futuristic product featuring zero energy consumption and zero pollution will be more and more popular on markets.