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The First Domestic 30MPa Hydrogen Tubular Container Produced by CIMC Enric was Successfully Launched


Recently, the first domestic 30MPa carbon fiber winding tabular hydrogen container, which took two years to develop by the High Pressure Hydrogen Division of CIMC Hydrogen Shijiazhuang Enric Gas Equipment Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of CIMC Enric, has been successfully launched and realized mass production. The technological breakthrough breaks the record of load capacity of domestic high-pressure hydrogen transportation equipment. Thus, the radius of hydrogen transportation is expected to be doubled in the future, and hydrogen transportation cost will be reduced considerably.

Hydrogen storage and transportation is an important part of the hydrogen industrial development. Currently, high-pressure gaseous hydrogen transportation remains the mainstream mode of hydrogen transportation. With the rising demand for cost reduction in the industrial chain, storage and transportation has become one of the key links in the cost reduction for hydrogen energy.

CIMC Enric, a leading supplier of clean energy equipment in China and a pioneer in hydrogen energy whole industry chain, has successively completed the product type test for 30MPa winding cylinders and various validation tests for customers in two years thanks to its technical strength and project experience in hydrogen energy storage and transportation for more than 10 years. The launch of the new product will significantly increase the transport capacity and discharge volume of high-pressure hydrogen per unit, with an economic transportation radius doubled compared with that of a 20MPa transport vehicle, which is expected to greatly reduce the hydrogen transportation cost.

In addition to the record-breaking storage and transportation efficiency for domestic high-pressure tabular containers, the unique structure of 30MPa hydrogen tabular containers could also meet the needs of filling and unloading of hydrogen refueling stations with multiple pressure levels, which can effectively facilitate the expansion of domestic and international hydrogen energy application scenarios. In addition, the product is the first of its kind in China, equipped with a smart cut-off system, which monitors the temperature and pressure of hydrogen in the cylinder in a real-time manner, significantly improving the safety performance.