News Release


CIMC Raffles takes another order for the global latest generation wind turbine installation vessel


Recently, CIMC Raffles and Havfram, an offshore engineering company based in Norway, confirmed and signed the contract for the second global latest generation series of wind turbine installation vessel (“WTIV”). The vessel will be built in EPC turnkey mode and will be used for transportation and installation construction services for wind farms in Europe.

At present, CIMC Raffles is already among the global mainstream wind power equipment manufacturers. The signing of the EPC turnkey construction contract with Havfram will further enhance influence and industry position of CIMC Raffles in the global offshore wind power field.

The project is to build the latest generation of WTIV in the world. The vessel will be of NG20000X design to be provided by GustoMSC of the Netherlands, and its related foundation design will be jointly completed by GustoMSC and CIMC Raffles. Such design will allow the vessel to be capable to install offshore wind turbines with a rotor diameter of over 300 meters and XXL monopiles weighing up to 3,000 tons. The vessel's capacity has been optimized for maximum variable deck loads and extreme lifting heights expected over the next decade; at the same time, the vessel features a state-of-the-art battery hybrid drivetrain that is expected to reduce carbon emissions by more than 70% per megawatt (MW) installed compared to previous models, making the vessel the most in-demand core equipment in the global renewable energy supply chain today.