News Release


CIMC and the Authority of Qianhai intend to jointly establish China Ocean Technology Group


A few days ago, at the 2021 Qianhai Investment Promotion Conference themed on “Grasp the ‘Golden Decade’ and Win in the ‘Progressing Qianhai’ Together”, ten significant Qianhai investment projects, including China Ocean Technology Group, were formally unveiled. CIMC and the Authority of Qianhai agreed to form strategic cooperation to create China Ocean Technology Group together.

Shenzhen is now experiencing a significant chance to respond to the national ocean power strategy. It plans to establish a global ocean center city, which coincides with the historic opportunity of Qianhai’s expansion.

To jointly promote the high-quality development of Qianhai’s industry, CIMC and the Authority of Qianhai have pledged to collaborate with relevant parties to promote the establishment of China Ocean Technology Group (in preparation), build it into a world-class ocean engineering industry leader, and assist Shenzhen’s construction of “Global Ocean Center City”.

It is reported that China Ocean Technology Group (in preparation) will leverage the existing offshore engineering businesses and products of CIMC to fully support Shenzhen’s development as a global ocean center city; it will build itself into a world-class industry leader in comprehensive solutions for marine resource development. With plans to expand its business into marine production equipment, marine new energy, marine protein, and ocean city development, China Ocean Technology Group (in preparation) will establish itself as China’s leading, world-class marine equipment designer and manufacturer, overall solution supplier, and an industry leader with core technical capabilities.

China Ocean Technology Group (in preparation) will fully integrate into Shenzhen’s regional planning for building a global ocean center city by taking on the national marine development strategic missions. Moreover, it will seize the opportunity to undertake critical national science and technology projects and create champion products through scientific research innovation and development. CIMC will work together with relevant parties such as the Authority of Qianhai to gradually build China Ocean Technology Group (in preparation) into a leading enterprise in the industry that can be tasked with major strategic missions, develop China’s marine economy, and carry out the strategy of transforming China into a maritime power.

The two parties will jointly promote the construction of marine industry clusters including headquarters, R&D centers, and marine industrial parks, promote new marine application scenarios including marine green hydrogen energy, CCUS, and marine data centers. They will also fully exploit Qianhai’s strategic advantage of being a bridgehead to “build a maritime power” and leverage the advanced technology and mature experience of CIMC’s offshore engineering business, assisting Qianhai in building a modern marine service industry cluster and a marine technology innovation hub.