News Release


C&C Trucks launches gas vehicles meeting National Emission Standard VI



On November 7, C&C Trucks held the launch conference for national Emission Standard VI gas vehicles and 10-anniversary of limited edition vehicles at Wuhu, Anhui Province. At the conference, vehicles with Maldives blue and dark night green as the main color tones were released, marking the formal start of C&C Trucks’ manufacture of vehicles that meet the National Emission Standard VI.

Over the last 10 years, the visionary and strategic layout of C&C Trucks has ensured that the company has been moving steadily and smoothly along the track of healthy and sustainable development. In 2010, when the first C&C truck rolled off the production line, the company gained the insight about the development tendency of the industry and accordingly established the core development strategy of “manufacturing medium- and high-end heavy-duty trucks and heavy-duty trucks powered by clean energy”. With concerted and intensified efforts over the years, the company has seen that its clean energy vehicles represented by dump tracks (for urban construction waste residue transportation), mixer trucks (for commercial concrete transportation) and tractor trucks (for harbor logistics transportation) are popular with users in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Zhengzhou and other cities nationwide.

“The gas vehicles meeting National Emission Standard VI are the new generation vehicles of strategic importance. They are designed with customer-centered concept and embrace a number of appearance and interior improvements”, said Tan Dong, Senior Project Manager of C&C Trucks. Externally, the gas vehicles meeting National Emission Standard VI continue with the U platform genes and come with scientifically and technically aesthetic highlights; internally, the vehicles are practically provided with lower-position consoles and desk boards. In particular, the premium vehicles boast 8-inch onboard screens and free traffic package (20G traffic each month for consecutive 12 months) to meet users’ diverse riding demands. In terms of power performance, the vehicles are equipped with the latest Y&C engines that comply with the China 6 emissions standard; in terms of gross mass, the vehicles feature a series of lightweight designs and weigh as low as 8.7 tons. In the meantime, all trucks meeting National Emission Standard VI are equipped with 1,000-liter natural gas cylinders to meet the requirements of applicable laws and regulations and to carry more goods and run for longer time.         

At the conference, Zhou Xiaoen, Assistant to General Manager of C&C Trucks Marketing Service Co., Ltd. announced the prices and preferential policies for the released vehicle types. To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the company, C&C Trucks specially launched the limited-edition vehicles at a price of 398,000 yuan. In addition, CIMC Financing Leasing Co., Ltd. offered amazing instalment plans – specifically, the first installment of 68,800 yuan for National Emission Standard VI vehicles, and the first instalment of 88,800 yuan for the limited-edition vehicles. Thanks to the exceptional product highlights and performances and considerate sales and warranty services, C&C Trucks received the orders for a total number of 1,600 National Emission Standard VI vehicles at the conference.