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CIMC-TianDa wins three bids for building air cargo warehouses


Recently, Shenzhen CIMC-TianDa Logistics System Engineering Co., Ltd (CIMC-TianDa Logistics) won three orders for building air cargo warehouses respectively from Beijing Daxing International Airport, Beijing Daxing International Airport - China Southern Airlines Base and Ningbo Lishe International Airport with contracts value exceeding 100 million yuan.

According to Yang Bin, Market Manager of CIMC-TianDa Logistics, different from single-unit product with strong partition, the air cargo warehouse is an integrated and systematic engineering project and is composed of different subsystems including equipment, software and control systems, with each subsystem interconnected with one another. In addition, due to the huge throughput of air passengers and cargos, the systems and equipment of an air cargo station have to undergo repeated and complicated tests and impacts. Therefore, clients focus on two abilities of bidders: the integration ability and manufacturing ability of core equipment; the maturity and stability of system and equipment operations as well as efficient maintenance ability.

According to Yang, in terms of integration and equipment manufacturing abilities, CIMC-TianDa Logistics have obtained independent intellectual property rights for technique management systems and electric system control software. Among them, the management system supports the parameter-based configuration and multiple warehouse management functions. Besides, the company has abundant experiences in the designing and engineering of equipment for almost all large cargo transportation stations. Taking ETV (elevating transfer vehicles) as an example, CIMC-TianDa Logistics has successful engineering cases of ETVs weighing from 6.8t to 13.6 and operated manually or automatically. Thanks to the rich experiences in the manufacturing of different core equipment, the company can complete the design and production of equipment within a short period of time and deliver the ordered products quickly.  

“As for repair and maintenance service, we have a professional technician team. In particular, we have professional and permanent service network at project implementation sites, so we can meet personalized demands of clients and provide steady and high-quality technical service”, added Yang, “these are the core advantages that make us stand out in the bid competitions.”