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CIMC gets a head start in accessing to Hong Kong’s modular building market


Recently, CIMC Modular Systems Holding Co , Ltd  (CIMC MBS) was formally approved by Hong Kong Buildings Department to successfully access to Hong Kong’s modular building market. Among the first group of 3 enterprises that was granted formal approval and certificates, CIMC MBS is an outstanding representative of the modular integrated construction (MiC) technology,

Currently, Hong Kong’s building industry is taking transformation and upgrading, but the problems such as high consumption, backward productivity and shortage of laborers have hindered the development of the industry. To solve these problems, in2017Ms. Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor, Chief Executive of Hong Kong, pointed out in her first governor’s address that Hong Kong should introduce more advanced MiC technology. And this meant huge business opportunity for CIMC MBS. Characterized by steel structure and incorporating heat preservation, water and electricity, firefighting, sound insulation, energy conservation and interior decoration features, CIMC MBS’s new-type MiC system is the most sophisticated representation of industrialized buildings and can remedy the defects such as the rise of building costs and shortage of labor forces and ease the rising house prices in Hong Kong to some extent.

To facilitate better introduction of MiC technology, Hong Kong Buildings Department established the pre-authentication mechanism at the end of 2017, regulating that a modular building supplier should pass the pre-authentication prior to its access to Hong Kong’s market. At the same time, the Buildings Department has formulated strict specification requirements on the structure of modules, building and electromechanical designs, production designs and quality supervision.

“Our proven track records in foreign countries and regions and world-leading MiC technology have impressed the visiting Hong Kong officials. After comprehensive appraisal, we were granted the permission and access by the Hong Kong Buildings Department”, said a responsible officer of CIMC MBS.

“Specifically, we can transfer over 90% of building operations at a construction site to our factory and complete them in a controllable environment to make sure that the costs and plans are more controllable, the construction quality is more stable, and the construction time is much reduced. In addition, with CIMC’s core competitive advantage in global operations, we are capable of integrating global resources and completing construction operations at any place on earth. At present, our modular buildings have been used for hotels and college and university student apartments in the UK, the US, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and many other countries and regions. At the same time, we have entered into long-term strategic cooperation with famous brands under Hilton Group such as Hampton, Doubletree and Garden and brands under InterContinental such as Holiday Inn Express”, added the responsible officer.