News Release


CIMC builds Baoan District’s first public intelligent mechanical stereo garage


On May 29, the groundbreaking ceremony for Shenzhen Baoan District’s first public intelligent mechanical stereo garage was held at Jiaan Parking Garage. Leaders from competent government authorities at the municipal and district levels, and heads of Baoan Construction Investment Group, Baohua Road & Bridge Construction Group and Shenzhen CIMC Intelligent Parking Technology Co., Ltd were present at the ceremony. The project is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2019 and add 137 new parking spaces.

The Jiaan Project is the first intelligent mechanical stereo garage pilot programme in Baoan District. It will be invested and constructed by Shenzhen Baotou Transport Development Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Baohua Road & Bridge Construction Group. As the project investor, Baotou Transport will be responsible for the supervision of project construction progress; as the lead of construction units, CIMC Intelligent Parking will be responsible for the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of the garage.   

The project is located at Jiaan-B Parking Garage on Xin’an Street. After the project is completed, the total parking spaces will increase from 75 to 212. The fully automatic plane moving stereo garage will have 4 lifts, 4 entries and exits, and 1 management office for the parking and pickup of vehicles. Thanks to CIMC’s independently developed tire-clasping intelligent mechanical arms, the fast time for parking and picking up a vehicle is 60 seconds, and the average time is 90 seconds. In particular, the garage will preserve 22 parking and charging spaces for new energy vehicles.       

“After the project is completed, it will tremendously promote the construction of Baoan District’s cloud and intelligent parking information management platform and provide a representative example for the intelligent parking business development of the whole city”, said a responsible person with CIMC Intelligent Parking.

CIMC Intelligent Parking is a member in the first group of companies that engaged in the intelligent parking business and won the mechanical parking equipment production permits from the State and proud to be a leader in the industry. With its core technologies for intelligent mechanical stereo garage and proven track record of standard business operations over the past 20 years, the company is capable of deeply understanding customers’ demands and accurately translating them into actual projects. So far, CIMC Intelligent Parking has extended its business reach throughout the country and successfully delivered hundreds of thousands of intelligent parking spaces nationwide.