News Release


CIMC Innvalley is established to focus on the 100 billion yuan pallet business



Pallet delivery is the preferred delivery method of the logistics industry since it is capable of achieving standard intermodal transport and improving logistics efficiency, and this has brought new challenges and great opportunities to pallet manufacturers. CIMC Innvalley, a joint venture of CIMC and WG Innvalley Group, was formally established on October 31. The new company will be committed to the R&D and mass production of standard, intelligent and eco-friendly pallets by making best use of the advantages of the two groups, change the low-end and scattered business forms on domestic pallet market with brand new product designs, production processes and business models, and contribute to the improvement of China’s logistics efficiency. In the meantime, the two groups will partner with the Supreme Group to explore the establishment of an intelligent pallet sharing system, hoping to further improve the intelligentization level of the whole industry through the construction of an intelligent logistics sharing platform.    

With the development of standard logistics service and intelligent intermodal transport, the pallet, a basic logistics element, is playing more and more important roles. “If pallet matches the dimensions of vehicle trucks and the sizes of packages and containers, there is no need to move cargos to other pallets, crates or containers during the transport, which will tremendously reduce logistics time consumption and costs. Also, the standardization of pallets will further improve the standardization of logistics and make greater contribution to the improvement of logistics efficiency and the reduction of logistics costs”, said a responsible officer of CIMC. 

CIMC Innvalley has seized the golden opportunity of the logistics industry with its innovative combination of compound and modularized pallets and automatic and large-scale production model. The compound and modularized pallets mean that CIMC Innvalley will give full play to the advantages of different materials, design its products with modularized concept, lower costs for its customers while meeting their demands, and contribute to the environmental protection by using steel as the main material instead of the wood. Automatic and large-scale production model means that CIMC Innvalley will make change to the scattered and low-efficient production model by combining standardized and modularized product concept with large-scale and automatic production methods, contribute to the upgrading of the pallet industry with the supply-side reform, and provide customers with more cost-effective products and comprehensive service overall. The new concepts and products have been highly regarded by customers in different industries, earning the newly established joint venture a large quantity of orders from the leading companies in the photovoltaic industry and the electronic industry.